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Edoardo Massa

Edoardo Massa (Ravenna, 1993) lives and works in Ravenna. Since November 2022 he has joined the marte team, giving communication support.

After graduating in Philosophy and Philosophical Sciences in Bologna, he comes back to Ravenna in a desperate attempt to figure out what to do with his life. Here he attends a master's degree in Tourism Enhancement and Cultural Heritage Management where he has a first approach to the world of culture-related communication. Eventually, after several changes of course, he becomes a librarian at the Classense Library Institution in Ravenna, where he deals with digital, photography and bibliographic advice to desperate students.

When he is not in some dusty warehouse or on some martian mission, he occupies his time devouring books, records and music of dubious taste.

Foto profilo Edoardo Massa da mettere in bio