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life on marte

life on marte

video project
an idea of marte


life on marte: a format dedicated to artists who have worked with us. Through video interviews we talk about the art that inhabits marte.

You will find different types of videos:
- in conversation with: an interview with the artist in which we delve into their research, practice and poetics.
- meet/discover: a short video-story born arising from a specific event or work.
- talk with: cultural insights and specific topics in video format.

Explore all our videos on YouTube (eng subs are available)!

copertina del video life on marte discover pomme de boue porta futurista

discover Pomme de Boue - Porta Futurista

meet Fornice Objects and Yuyu Zhao - Microobjects

meet Crowdfunding Bagnato

meet Giorgia Baroncelli

meet Lorenzo Baruzzi

meet Francesca Fantoni

meet Anna de Luca

meet Miriam Fabietti

talk with Daniele Torcellini and
Eleonora Savorelli

talk Anita Guardigli
and Carla Scala

talk with Angelo Milano

meet Spartenza Teatro

meet Daniela Iurato

meet Yuyu Zhao

in conversation with Lorenzo Scapellini

in conversation with Aleksandra Milteva

in conversation with
Aleksandar Velichkovski

in conversation with Anica Kitanoska

in conversation with
Mila Dobrevska