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Venus and Mars
by Anaëlle Lepin

For you alone can gratify mortals with a quiet peace,

for cruel warlike actions govern Mars
of mighty in arms, who often turns his head in thy lap,
vanquished by love's eternal wound, and so aiming at thee with his turned
reclining neck,
in thee, o god, satiates his eager eyes with love,
and at thy mouth is suspended the supine god's breath.

1st century B.C. Lucretius, De rerum natura, 31-36

A story is told,
well known throughout the sky,
of Venus and Mars falling victims
of Vulcan's wiles

Ovidio, Ars amatoria, II, vv. 561-600

Anaëlle Lepin

Anaëlle Lepin (Paris, 1996) lives and works between Paris and Naples.

She holds a master's degree from the Sorbonne's University in Paris in Plastic Arts following a bachelor's degree in Art History and Archaeology. In her work she explores the themes of feminility, the everyday and domestic intimacy.

foto profilo di Anaelle per la bio del suo progetto di ars on mars

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