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The amusements of Mars and Venus
by Nefastia


Nefastia was born in 1777 in Cracow, where she completed her studies at the Holy Trinity Basilica (Bazylika Świętej Trójcy). Already at an early age she showed interest in the occult arts, becoming passionate about alchemy.

In the winter of 1791, she was expelled because she was caught in practices not in keeping with the Catholic precepts of the basilica. She took refuge with a family of humble origins where she finally obtained freedom and privacy to practice and develop her alchemy.

In 1804, she finally mastered the arduous chemical formula that allowed her to crystallize body and soul while renouncing (according to the principle of equivalent exchange) all carnal restraint and pleasure.

From that day on, she underwent numerous vicissitudes that have brought her to the present day...

foto bio nefastia per il progetto ars on mars

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