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by Nicola Montalbini

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Astronaut Natascia returned from Mars a long time ago, and since then the Martian plant Öllivrēsa has been living symbiotically with her inside her spacesuit. They have become very close friends.

Natascia inhales and exhales creating a moist environment, Öllivrēsa lives in her head and gives her new thoughts.

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Maurizio is a mosaicist and he once went to Mars and collected many red, brown, yellow and black stones near the Olympus volcano.

When he returned home he started making very strange mosaics with those stones. Some say that Maurizio makes portraits of the beasts he saw up there but he is always evasive when asked about his work.

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Lilly has only been to Mars once and when she came home she couldn't get that Martian red out of her mind, so one day she took the roller and painted the whole house with that red.

Nicola Montalbini

Nicola Montalbini was born in 1986 and lives in Ravenna.

He enjoys drawing.

foto profilo di Nicola Montalbini per il progetto ARS ON MARS

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