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The creative journey of a sensitive silk worm
by Elena De Santi

In the creative journey conceived and designed by De Santi, a silkworm experiences both positive and frustrating feelings provoked by its creative need.

A silkworm lives on mulberry trees; in its life it may never tread or cross the earth. But its transformation is an extreme journey.
And, in the end, it becomes an elegant white moth, ready to fly.

Elena De Santi

Elena De Santi (Viareggio, 1991), graphic freelancer and illustrator, digital nomad currently travelling through South America.

She loves the fluidity of lines, character design and perspective. She enjoys the process of each project because it allows her to get in touch with herself and to break down limits in order to overcome them.

Foto profilo di Elena De Santi per il progetto ars on mars

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