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solo show
by Lorenzo Scarpellini

curated by Gioele Melandri
and Luca Donelli

8th October - 27th November 2022

at MonoGAO21 gallery

co-organised by marte and MonoGAO21

VII Biennial of Contemporary Mosaic

Lorenzo Scarpellini's site-specific installation invades and transforms the space of the Ravenna gallery, creating an immersive path.

The bestiary that inhabits this non-place, presents deformations and fragilities, inevitable victim of a world on the verge of collapse. These are beasts "in power", creatures on the border between biological and industrial waste, made of papier-mâché and grafted by mosaic metastases.

In this lunar and sandy environment, the human being can only make themselves a mere spectator, unfit for survival on a planet that they themselves have distorted.
The lack of water, a fundamental resource for life as well as the only hope for defeating a fate that seems already written, becomes here one of the main themes of the installation.

The animalistic creatures made by the artist now appear as dry and aching slags, constantly searching for new sources of sustenance among the piles of wreckage, the only evidence of human transit in the complex scenography-world in which these characters are placed.

Lorenzo Scarpellini enacts a process of unraveling one of the identities of the real. An identity that is untraceable on the surface of things, but must be dug deep to be understood.