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happening by Daniela Iurato

curated by Eleonora Savorelli

25th March 2023

darsena di Ravenna,
ex Consorzio Agrario

organised by marte

Tempus Fugit Project
Flow People

POSITURA is the action of Daniela Iurato (Vittoria, 1992) in which mosaic and sewing find a point of dialogue. Specialized in mosaics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna, the artist devotes part of her research to gender issues and body art.

In the series Poesie in-tèssere, ongoing since 2018, Iurato deepend the mosaic aesthetics in the relationship between body and identity. The works result from the reworking of existing poems in which words or parts of sentences are hidden with needle and thread, often reversing their initial meaning. Using subtraction as a procedural key, the artist guides the audience through an mandatory path that allows for new discoveries of meaning.

The hands wound the paper, puncturing it, and take care of it, discovering surprising poetic potentialities. The precariousness of writing emerges in its dual identity, placid and violent.

The artist's body, the medium through which the happening comes to life, is placed in a position of extreme comfort. The title is explanatory of this condition. In fact, in a passage from the Encyclopedia of Women's Work, referring to posture Thérèse de Dillmont writes, "there is no kind of stitching, nor of embroidery, which obliges one to be uncomfortable."

The viewer contemplates the action of the artist who, with care, erases. Iurato develops a calm action that broods internal conflicts. Unlike embroidery art, Iurato's sewing is not meant to compose, but on the contrary to break down and propose a new reading of the world. Iurato's selected poems investigate landscape and water, along with the analysis of identity. To remember history, of places and bodies, through an action that is happening here and now.