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happening by Spartenza Teatro

curated by Spartenza Teatro

25th March 2023

darsena di Ravenna,
ex Consorzio Agrario

organised by marte

Tempus Fugit Project
Flow People

The fugue is a rapid rhythm,
a moment in the composition

Andrea Milano

An aimless journey, a direct correspondence between outside and inside with the knowledge that, in the end, the only possible movement is to return.
Paesaggio con figura verticale is an attempt to make sense of escape, the desire to abandon one's origins and identity.

Spartenza Teatro

PAESAGGIO CON FIGURA VERTICALE is the poetic concert that comes alive from the eponymous sylloge by Andrea Milano, author, director and co-founder of Spartenza Teatro together with Sofia Abbati, theater and film actress.

Accompanied by the music of Manuel Milano and Roberta Spigola, Abbati performs a selection of poems that compose a mosaic of landscapes, voices, sensations and escapes, woven into a sonic fabric.

As Spartenza Teatro states, it is "a declaration of love suspended between escape and return". The mosaic is also composed of fugues and returns. Interstices and tiles, at times, seem to depict a landscape. Thus, the one of Spartenza appears as an attempt to map territory and identity, to reconnect identity with territory.

The audience is invited to take a journey within the self, tracing reflections and emotions that gave rise to the compositions which, one after another, like tiles, formed the mosaic of Paesaggio con figura verticale.

Escape takes on a double meaning, intended as abandonment of a place and distance separating one mosaic module from another. Thus, the landscape takes the form of a mosaic and the mosaic that of a landscape, framing a "moment of composition" of the self and a "moment of composition" of a mosaic.

Is it the intention to escape or to embark on a long journey home?